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Colts show off new sponsored kit bags

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

CLARKSTON Colts would like to thank our friends at Dunipace Brown Defence Lawyers for a generous donation to our 2007s.

The Cumbernauld-based firm has kindly covered the cost of new kit bags, which will be used by our squad at training and matches.

Printed by Naomi's Novelties and showing off the Colts badge and Dunipace’s name, the essential items really look the part and are a welcome addition to the club.

Committee member and coach Jack Haugh said: “We can’t thank Dunipace enough for their generosity. This kind gesture has allowed us to provide all of our 2007 players with new bags, which we’ll use for club activities.

“As a community club, run by a group of volunteer coaches and committee members, we are determined to offer as many people as possible affordable football. Costs are the biggest hindrance to this, with kit easily running into the thousands for a full squad.

“A gesture like this from Dunipace allows us to overcome these challenges. Thanks again to the team for their help and we can’t wait to show off the bags at our game this weekend.”

With our 2007s in a stronger place than ever before and our Mini Colts (ages 2014/15 and 16) continuing to grow, there’s never been a better time to join our club.

Our dedicated team of volunteer coaches provide twice weekly sessions and a weekend game to all age groups, with football fun at the heart of everything we do.

As well as players, we’d also like to hear from any coaches who would be interested in getting involved in one of Lanarkshire’s fastest-growing clubs.

Email or message any of our social media channels for more information.

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