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Colts following Covid-19 rules as we return to action with a bang

The Colts have been delighted to be back out on the pitch in recent weeks after we made our return following lockdown.

Our 2007s and 2009s have both enjoyed games for the first time in six months following the Scottish Government's decision to greenlight youth football.

The former enjoyed a brilliant win away to Stamperland in Barrhead while the Mini Colts played out a thrilling contest in Symington at the weekend.

We understand the situation remains under review and continue to follow the latest advice from the Scottish FA/Scottish YFA to ensure our club is Covid-19 compliant.

The latest guidance was released earlier this month and reduced the total number of participants (coaches and officials included) to any match down to 41 for 11-a-side matches. Other protocols in place include all equipment having to be cleaned before and after use and our Covid-19 co-ordinator Jack Haugh must continue to keep a register for Test and Protect.

Parents and guardians are also asked not to spectate matches for the time being.

You can view the full Scottish FA guidance for youth football here:

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