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Clarkston Colts announce date of 2023's AGM

CLARKSTON Colts are delighted to confirm our AGM will take place later this month.

Parents/guardians and players are invited along on Saturday, May 27, to hear from the committee on a range of topics and share their views on the future of the team.

The meeting will include discussions on our vision for the Colts, how we are continuing to build the club and what members can expect over the course of the next year.

It will also see us formally appoint a new secretary to replace Mark Kirk, who recently stepped down from the position after four years in the role.

The AGM takes place at Clarkston Parish Church's hall (Forrest St, Airdrie ML6 7BE) between 11am and 12pm. Limited parking is available at the back of the hall and out the front. Attendees can also park in the street.

Parking (marked in red) is available both behind and at the front of the church hall (marked in blue) .

For more information, contact any committee member or coach.

2022 Minutes

Meeting Purpose: Annual General Meeting

Meeting Date: 23 April 2022

Meeting Time: 1.00pm

1.0 Club Chairman’s Address

1.1 Gordon Wright (GW) as Chairman opened the meeting and

welcomed all in attendance. It was noted that this is the first

gathering following the extended COVID lockdown where the

club has been unable to have formal meetings/AGM.

1.2 GW gave vote of thanks and appreciate for the work of the

coaches over the passed year as well as giving thanks to former

coach Ian Dunne.

1.3 GW noted that the 2007 team now had use of Caldervale High

School’s grass pitch in Airdrie until the end of the current

2021/22 season and hoped that this could become a permanent

arrangement to avoid our scramble to secure a pitch when we

are drawn at home.

1.4 GW gave update on football kits with discussions ongoing on

possibility of changing from DSN as current supplier to Joma.

Decision is based on lengthy lead in times required by DSN and

fact they are inflexible when it comes to minimum order values

meaning we always have to wait and create a bulk order when

perhaps only a handful of items are required.

1.5 Jack Haugh (JH) as Assistant Coach/Goalkeeper Coach added

that Joma offer potential for a soccer shop online which could

allow parents/family members to order additional kit

independently if they wanted spares or items such as

hats/scarfs as gifts. JH added that using Joma would reduce

wait times and allow new players to be kitted out much quicker.

1.6 GW noted that new training tops will be ordered for the

2014/2015 players (Mini Colts).

1.7 It was agreed that as part of search for new kits for the 2007

team that consideration would be given to having a colour

choice that minimises colour clashes with opponents.

2.0 Club Secretary Comments

2.1 Mark Kirk (MK) as Club Secretary gave a breakdown on player

numbers for the 2007 and more recently established 2014 team

(which is a mixture of 2014 and 2015 players).

2.2 MK made parents/carers in attendance aware that he was also

Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer which is an SYFA

requirement for all youth football teams.

2.3 MK noted his role as Club Player Registration Officer covering

both teams which involves renewal of Club membership

annually as well as team registration with each league and bulk

signing of players which is July/August for the 2007 team and

January for the 2014 team.

3.0 Club Treasurer Comments

3.1 Colin Morrison (CM) as Club Treasurer provided a review of the

accounts. It was noted that the club is currently breaking even

but has endured significant expenses this year establishing

equipment and player kits for both teams.

3.2 CW noted that the club had been successful in securing £1,000

grant in addition to club sponsorship from ‘Diamonds in the

Community’ for £500 and this will see the 2007 players carrying

the DITC logo on the home strips. The £500 would largely offset

the circa £600 costs of the new home kit.

3.3 CW confirmed monthly fees are set at £30 but these will be

reviewed as time progresses.

3.4 CW expects that pitch lets will remain the same for rest of this

season although these are set by North Lanarkshire Council and

it is for them to review annually and update clubs as and when

charges increase. Any let increases will be considered by the

club and monthly fees adjusted where necessary.

4.0 Head Coach Comments

4.1 Scott Murphy (SM) as Head Coach outlined current situation on

player search for outfield players and additional goalkeeper.

4.2 SM noted the good behaviour of the Club’s players and stated

they were a credit to their families.

4.3 SM looking to recruit two additional coaches to bolster numbers

and allow a better balance between player numbers and

coaches for overseeing drills.

4.4 SM looking to bring in Development Plans for each player

focusing on four categories. This exercise would see players

rate themselves within each category then SM will review with

each player in presence of an adult and discuss the differences

between coach/player rating and from here set players their

individual targets.

4.5 SM clarified the intention to play in a 4-3-3 formation albeit this

would be subject to the players available at any time and to suit

the opponents if necessary.

4.6 SM will be rolling out new set piece drill in pre-season.

Coaching sessions will see drills used that replicate game


5.0 Constitution Matters

5.1 It was agreed that the Constitution be amended to reduce the

number of club signatories from four to three to minimise

difficulties recently experienced when transferring from the

former Club Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary.

5.2 It was agreed that arrears allowed under the Constitution be

changed from 1 month to 3 months. At present the Constitution

deems a player to have left the club if more than 1 month behind

on fees however this was considered impractical to manage.

6.0 End of Season Players Day Out

6.1 SM noted that prior to COVID lockdown the club would have had

an end of season player awards event. This was previously

held in the Moir Hall in Airdrie around mid-June. This is

something SM would look at for future years.

6.2 For this first year back to football following COVID lockdown it

was suggested and agreed that a less formal event would be

held on the first Saturday in June 2022 over a 2-hour window

which could include a players versus adults game for the 2007

and 2014 teams. Trophies to be given to selected player

categories for the 2007 including player of the year with the

2014 team players each getting a trophy. This will be looked at

further out with the AGM.

6.3 Marita Oliphant (MO) as Club Committee Member was currently

looking at arranging a Laser Tag event for the 2007 at around

£5/head. This would be around the 28 th May/4 th June 2022.

Suggested that 2007s could then go for McDonalds/Burger King

with parents asked to make £5/head contribution.

7.0 Any Other Competent Business

7.1 David Booth (DB) as former Club Chairman mentioned previous

aspirations club had to encourage senior players to embark on

getting their youth football coaching badges through the SYFA

pathways. This would players an opportunity to continue in

football if interested and create opportunity for former players to

feed back into the club. JH agreed to look into this.

7.2 GW suggested that a sub-committee be established to look at

fundraising opportunities.

7.3 MO explained she was planning to start selling teas/coffees at

the 2007 with profits feeding into the club funds. This was


7.4 CM outlined intention to arrange visit of players to Diamonds in

the Community facility once the new kits have arrived. This will

provide opportunity for our young players to gain an appreciation

of what the charity does and explore interest in helping to


8.0 Next Meeting

8.1 The next AGM will take place around April 2023 as per the

Constitution. This date will be notified through the Clarkston

Colts Facebook page nearer that time.

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